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Celebrities Close-Ups & Imperfections.

Chicago Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist, Diem Angie

 Get close to celebrities! Really close.

So close that you will beg to be taken far, far away to a place where you’ll never have to see that celebrity ever again.
Close-Up? Yes.  Unflattering? Usually.   Celebrity pores, plastic surgery, funny faces, gurning, duck faces, tongues, rhinoplasty, acne, wrinkles, bad teeth, nose hair and other unsightly, unflattering photos of the famous, infamous, beautiful, not-so-beautiful,
beautiful people of Hollywood and beyond. – from Celebrity Close-Ups!

What celebrity was a shock to you? I don’t know what’s worst… Kate Upton, KK, or Katie Perry? 

 I haven’t had this much fun writing a blog post… in lets just say… months!  This just proves that celebrities are NOT perfect.. and have imperfections just like us! So relax, and let your face breath!

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