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Chicago Wedding at Union League Club, Ling And Michael

Chicago Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist, Diem Angie Nguyen

Most brides would want  big poofy hair and long luster curls for her wedding, However,  Ling wanted the exact opposite. Ling requested a romantic appeal to her hair and makeup while still looking like how she would normally look on a daily day, hence the reason why she wore glasses. Ling was a very creative bride, almost half of the stuff she wore, she custom made. So if you need someone to design your hairpiece, let her know!

Ling and Michael got married on October 2nd, 2010 at Union league Club of Chicago. Union League Club alone would be a perfect place to take  photos, however Ling and Michael did not let the Chicago Weather stop them. The best part was, Ling did not care if her wedding dress got dirty (how awesome is that?!)  They took their photographer everywhere in Chicago, including the Brown-orange-pink-purple line!

Who knew a rainy/ windy wedding in Chicago could be so spontaneous?

Even the rain could not prevent them from smiling! Very Happy-Go-Lucky!

Photographers highlight:

The pictures below are from Heather & Grayson, a married duo of wedding photographers in Washington! Please check out their work here:

Remember when I said I finally met my inspirational couple? Well here hey are!  I would love to find myself a photographer, or someone that is interested in the same field as me. This way, I can bring him everywhere—to enjoy, to never be apart, to travel, to work, and to be together while having fun! Who wouldn’t love that life style? I SURE DO!

Enjoy the photos!

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