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Cholera Spreads Across Haiti. Haiti Needs your Help.

Chicago Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist, Diem Angie Nguyen

Now a new catastrophe has plagued Haiti. Cholera. Cholera is an infectious disease that cause extreme dehydration through vomiting and diarrhea. Without sterilization of water and food sources, infection can spread quickly and claim the lives of countless children and adults. Cholera has spread throughout the vulnerable populations in Haiti and has claimed over 300 deaths. Its death toll on the Haitian population shows little signs of halting. Now is not the time to suspend relief efforts.

Fear, pain and grief are widespread throughout Haiti. We must continue to donate and offer our love and blessings to them.   They deserve everything life has to offer but receive nothing.

Please take a second to view the images that are happening right now in Haiti.

These images above made my heart ache.I have nothing but love for the families that are suffering.

For the month of November, my goal is to reach $$$$ to aid Haiti. I am teaming up with different photographers/Hair and Makeup Artist who has voluntary giving up their time to support this cause.

If you are interested in getting a professional shoot done either by yourself, love one, or with family remembers this is the perfect occasion/ excuses to book a shoot. The cost of the shoot is $100- hair and makeup is included. All  proceeds will go directly to the relief effort in Haiti.

Booking date is November 15th-November 31st 2010

Now is not the time to be camera shy, let’s support a cause! If you have any questions, please email me at

If you are not interested in the service that I am offering, then please donate directly to Haiti HERE

a little bit goes a long way.

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