Eyelashes Gone Wrong. The good, Megan Fox & the Bad, Kim Kardashian

Diem Angie Nguyen- Chicago Bridal Hair and Makeup

I don’t know about you guys… But I think it is ridiculous when girls decide to make their eyelashes look like centipedes legs!

I wish I could come up to them and take a photo so I can blog about it.. But nope. I’m not that mean (right??)!  So what better way to use an example of what I am talking about by using my favorite celebrity- Kim Kardashian. ( Sorry Kim, I love you but your eyelashes are just too much) What was she thinking?!  Do not follow this style of hers on the street.

… stick to something natural please! Lets use Megan Fox as an example. These lashes makes her look more sexirresistible-able!

If you are doing a photoshoot, then by all means use whatever eyelashes you want (even these, hahah =P)

This proves that  Even an A-list celebrity can have a moment of  “Opps”. They are just like us!

night world!

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