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Happy Ever After Chicago Wedding

Rumors has it that  love will sizzle down after marriage, but trust me it is simply  all  just a tease.   Svetlana has been married to her husband for a few years && their relationship continues to dazzle, even when they are prepping for their photo-shoot. Whenever they look at each other, I can see immense happiness. He makes her giggle with his accent. She captivates him with her beauty.
What better way to remember a wedding day then to have a bride re-wear her wedding dress. Except this time, lets skip the rundown on rehearsals and have the bride and groom run around freely as they trash her dress.
Think the idea is crazy? This is the new “It” thing to do. Instead of putting your wedding dress in the closet, do someone crazy with it! Make it worth every penny by getting some extraordinary images!
Book a trash the dress session today !
Photographer: Emily Gualdoni

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