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It’s Not a Pink Egg.. It’s a Beautyblender! Get A Flawless Face Instantly!

Chicago Bridal Airbrush Makeup and Hair Artist, Diem Angie

What is a Beauty Blender?


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My review on The Beauty Blender: 

If you haven’t gotten your hands on the BeautyBlender– order one or go to Sephora now! I recently got a $100 gift card from Sephora and the first thing I purchase was…yup, a BeautyBlender! I hate using sponges for anything, so I was a little hesitant to use this with my powder/powder -I never thought a makeup sponge could make such a difference. Even foundations that I wasn’t crazy about in terms of finish or coverage, go on much  better! I’m totally a convert now.

Let me tell you, the Beauty Blush is now my #1 favorite brush! I cannot understand how in the world this thing works so well, but this is the most flawless and natural my foundation has looked. It really glides on your skin and reaches every spot easily. Beauty Blender is incredibly easy to use : you just get it wet, squeeze out excess, and go! All you have to remember is to use a bouncing motion or “stipple” when applying.

For 2 sponges + a cleanser = $40. Pricey but well worth it!  The cleanser is amazing!

CAUTION! Be careful when you use the cleaner to clean your brushes!!!! It needs to be diluted first. If you use this cleaner directly, you’ll ruin your brush!! 😉

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