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Ready, set- Introducing my new toy Canon Xti w/ Theresa Le

For those who did not read my last blog, I finally bought myself a camera! I got the Canon XTI! It is not one of the best however it is a great start. For those who are wondering why I am doing so much and need to take a break. Well the truth is, I CANT because there is always something out there that I want to explore and learn about! I am restless. I guess my next road is photography. Photography has always been a passion for me besides hair and makeup. For the past few months I have surrounded myself with amazing and talented photographers and wanted to be not only be the person working behind the scene doing hair and makeup but also be the person behind the camera shooting! I even once held and played with Nikons + Canons camera in one sitting in Zacuto’s The Great Camera Shootout of 2010. Can you guess who the model in the bathtub scene is? YUPP it is yours truly.

Just because I have a camera does not mean I am calling myself a professional photographer. Heck I am far from it. I will continue to learn from my fellow photographers. Gasp, I have a lot to learn and have so many inspirations to look up too! Continue to support me, like you guys are doing now! Thank you for everything, from reading my blogs, becoming a fan— I-love-you-guys! xoxo.

Okay, so the moment you all been waiting for! For those who are wondering who my model was on my last blog (drum roll, please) hehe- She is the beautiful THERESA LE.

I bought my camera yesterday and I could not keep my hands off it! I wanted to shoot something/someone asap! And facebook surely does magic.. I could not ask for a better model for this shoot. I also did Theresa’s hair and makeup! This is her first time modeling and she is a natural! Thank you Theresa for putting up with the heat—the walk–the itchiness from the grass—and those darn mosquito bites! She was perfect!
So sit back and take a walk with Theresa. Enjoy!

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