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Reasons why makeup is good for you. Admit it ladies, they are your best friend!

Chicago Bridal Makeup and Hair, Diem Angie

Being in the beauty industry has exposed me to a lot of makeup!  Not a day  goes by where I am not playing around with beauty products. It’s  makeup heaven everyday.

I usually don’t apply a full face of makeup on unless I’m going to a special event—However, I  still wear makeup  and cannot leave my house without it!! Am I right– do you agree? I know for sure I’m not the only one who feels like this!

I have struggled with acne  since I was 14.  My face is never flawless and I have to admit– concealer is my best friend. When I feel and look good, nothing can stop me!

Diem Angie No Makeup


Here is picture of me with no makeup  and with makeup on. See the difference? Without makeup, I look like I’m 10 years old! It also does not help that I’m only 5 feet!  LOL! I guess it won’t be a bad  thing when I’m 60. 🙂

My daily wear consist of: Moisturizer, eye cream, concealer, BB Cream, Eyeliner, powder, blush, eyebrow shadow and lipgloss.

That’s a total of 9 products on my face. How about you?


Playing  and experimenting  is a lot of fun, I get it! Just remember to not  overdo it!  Here’s a funny E-card! It’s hilarious but so true. 

I could easily wipe off your beauty with a wet kleenex

Too much makeup photo




Use makeup to enhance your look or cover your blemishes. Do not create a new face with your makeup!

Lets go back to the topic, why is makeup good for you?

Well honey, it can:

1. Boost your ego
If you feel good, you look good. Makeup can really give you a major boost. I see this happening all the time with my clients. When they feel beautiful and sexy about themselves, they pose && model better than Ms. Tyra Banks! Watch out, Tyra!

2. Protect and improve your skin
Using a foundation or tinted moisturiser containing sun protection 30+ will help protect your skin from damage. Some products also has anti aging as well! Just remember to match your makeup with your skin type. Not sure what’s best for you? Contact me. I offer custom foundation blending  that is suitable for your skin and lifestyle.

3.  It’s all sorts of fun

With makeup, it doesn’t matter if you get it wrong – you can just wipe off the mistake and start again. Anything’s possible! Makeup is not permanent!   There is an endless variety of colours and products. You can use different colours every day if you like change. Go have fun, makeup should never be boring!

7. Will enhance your features 

Makeup  can be used to flatter your best features – and play down those you’re not quite so fond of (goodbye acne scars and under eye bags!) xoxo

Last remember, 

feel beautiful with makeup onWant a good laugh? Check out Why makeup is bad for you on Buzzfeed!  Click here! 

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