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Smith’s Lip Balm Review

Diem Angie Nguyen Chicago’s Hair & Makeup Artist

#6 Smith’s Lip Balm $7


I personally think Smith’s Lip Balms works better than any medicated lip balm. It comes in different shades, but each one goes on clear. (The only difference is the smell.) It gives a sheen to your lips without making them shine. Therefore, yes, men can use it as well!

I usually put this on first before applying my lip-gloss/lipstick because it helps hydrate my lips & keeps the color. Not only is it long lasting, it also smoothes dry lips, calms &&& heals irritation &&& smoothes the stings of minor burns.

Smith’s Lip Balm also helps relieve dryness on my elbows, cuticles, ankles or anywhere that is dry!

I hate using my fingers to apply on lip-gloss, but again the extra gloss can be us as a hand lotion =)

The mint also refreshes my breath. Trust me it’s addicting for only $7.
you can purchase this product at any Sephora.


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