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Diem Angie Chicago Hair and Makeup ArtistStephanie Nguyen grew up with a strong artistic background,     always sketching and painting. As a young girl, her fascination with makeup began after realizing how the face is a canvas and the cosmetics are the tools. She learned the basics on her own and eventually began to imitate looks from magazines and celebrities.

For a couple years, she did fashion and commercial print modeling. She always loved how the makeup artists made her feel beautiful and it was a feeling that she wanted everyone to be able to experience. That was when she knew that she belonged behind the camera instead of in front of it. She gained valuable experience working with professional photographers and filmmakers throughout her years as a film student and was always developing and improving her makeup skills by asking questions and learning tips from the makeup pros on-set.

Stephanie stays inspired by what she see–from the edgy looks on runways to the colors from nature. Her love for makeup is constantly growing and she is an avid learner. She adapts the artistry of what is around her to create looks from trendy to classic. Her goal is to not only make you beautiful on the outside but make you feel beautiful on the


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