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Website issues are no fun.. What’s going on?

Chicago Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist, Diem Angie

Hello Sweet-peas,

If you have been following me on Facebook…. my status updates are always happy-go-lucky. I’m either posting about my clients or having a drink somewhere. Hehe- Cheers to that!

 Chicago Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist RARELY and I mean rarely will I ever post how frustrated I am. Who needs to share that right? We don’t need to share negativity right? Right.

well today-

 I’ve think I pretty lost it. 

&& I want to share with you why I’ve been pretty obsessed with my website.

Website owners—I hope you don’t have to ever experience the same thing! Remember to back up your files.. ALWAYS. 

I’m going to first start this off by saying: Chicago Hair and Makeup Artist

1. This website is 5 years old and I’ve built it from scratch.. therefore I know when something is wrong..

2. I have never paid for any advertising on my blogs for more views.

3. I don’t pay Google or any SEO companies to rank me on their pages.

4. I’m beyond frustrated. Yes.. I’m going to say it again.. I’m frustrated … I HATE this part of my business. I’m currently in #freakmode.

Okay now here’s the issue:

  1.  I need a new hosting site. Bluehost’s technical support is amazing and they usually fix whatever I need in one phone call… but their server lately is always down!!! Usually it picks up again after 2 hours– but still unacceptable! Get it together Bluehost!!

If you have any recommendations on a hosting site. I’m all ears.

2) WordPress 4.0 is out . Usually my site will run smoothly with every update..

but dang4.0— you’re not my friend at all. When I installed you.. you completely changed  my menu and some functions did not work.. #fail. Eventually I would have to update my website… but that will take weeks/months. Are you ready for a revamped site? 

&& now the biggest issue is:  

3) My website was ranked on the 1st page and now disappeared from Google’s search results!!!

It doesn’t even land on page 10… how does this happen over night?

WTH?!  Chicago Hair and Makeup Artist

Can someone tell me why this happened?

I was told that it will come back after a few days.. but why why why? Does Google have a glitch somewhere? Did everyone experience the same thing?

why why why?

I don’t want to this to every happen again. It’s a scary feeling.

I think I’ve done everything I was told and now the best thing to do is W  A  I  T.

Regardless.. this feeling of waiting sucks!


Chicago Hair and Makeup ArtistI want to say thank you for everyone who has checked up on my website and even reached out to me with possible solutions. You all mean everything to me && I mean it. 

Once everything is fixed (I sure hope it does) I’ll update you guys!

If all else fails.. I would need to build a new site. YIKES- Yikes!!

Fingers cross guys!! We got this!

Till next time,

Chicago Hair and Makeup Artist, Diem Angie

Diem Angie Hair and Makeup Artist

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