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Zacuto presents The Great Camera Shootout 2010

Diem Angie Nguyen Chicago Hair and Makeup Artist

I am so blessed to be a part of Zacuto big showdown.  I got the opportunity to work with the great,  Philip Bloom.  He was such a character. Filming would not be the same without him. As I am watching the first episode of Zacuto’s The Great Camera shootout, I could not help it but to blush that the model  blowing bubbles in the tub is me. I love it, and if i could I would sit in that cold tub and film it all over again.

Thanks Zacuto for the amazing opportunity. If you are wondering what the showdown is all about, check out the trailer:

Trailer for Zacuto’s The Great Camera Shooutout 2010

To watch the full episodes: Check it OUT HERE. (Definitely worth watching if you are a photographer)

I also did makeup for Steve Weiss and Jens Bogehegn.

&& Here are some behind the scene photos!

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